STEM @ Primaly consisting of 2 subjects;  Mathematic & Science

There are 3 levels

  • Level 1:  7-8 years old

  • Level 2: 9-10 years old

  • Level 3: 11-12 years old

    Each level has 8 modules to complete. Each module is to be completed in 12 sessions (3 months).

    Certification is awarded upon completing each module. Every certificate can be collected at our centre or we will send it right to your doorstep via regular post.

    There will be 1 huge project for each module with small activities/projects in between.

    Assessments – formative and summative.

    Concept/Approach: project based, student-centred, problem based learning

    Duration per session is 1.5 hours


  • Registration Fee – RM 50/year

  • Monthly Fee – RM 90/month or RM 260 per 3 months for each subject

What you will learn?