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MUET Crash Course is suitable for those who want to prepare for their MUET at the 11th hour. This course comprises of all 4 components; Reading, Speaking, Listening & Writing. 

MUET Crash Course

English Communication Course for Adults is specially crafted to those who would like to improve their English skills.
Comes with 8 intensive modules and experienced instructors, this course will definitely helps you in your English communication skills with comfortable, confidence & effective!

This is a programme best for students who prefer one-to-one learning session with flexible schedule.At Personal Class, we treat every student as a unique individual. We understand each learner has different learning styles and that all thinking caps can be tailored. There are 3 mode of classes to choose from; Online, Home-based & Centre-based. 

Want to speak Mandarin confidently? Our new Mandarin Communication Class is coming real soon. We offer for both adult and kids. Learn the fun, fast and easy way with our well-constructed modules and experienced instructors.