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Primaly is an authorised PhonicSmart licensee and our reading program is known as PrimaReaders. 

PrimaReaders offers 2 modules; 

  1. Bacalah Anakku (Bahasa Melayu) – Beginner
  2. ReadEasy (English) – Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

2 class modes – Online class via Zoom & physical class at centres (Wangsa Maju & Shah Alam)

2 Languages – Each student to enrol one language module at a time. Upon completion, only then student is allow for the second language module.

Books – Bacalah Anakku, Read Easy (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced) & activity book for both languages

Open to 4-12 years old

Play-based learning

Online Reading Class

  • Open for both language modules; Bacalah Anakku (BM) & ReadEasy (BI), Beginner level only.
  • Max. of 4 students per class
  • 40 minutes for each session. 3 session per week
  • 32 sessions (2.5 months)
  • Medium – via zoom, telegram group (communication)

Reading Class at centre

  • Open for both language modules; Bacalah Anakku (BM) & ReadEasy (BI)
  • Max of 6 students per class
  • 3 hours per week

Class Schedule

Reading Class at Centre