Learn How to Code Today!

Coding is the most basic steps to create wonders.

In this course, your children get to learn to create animation and the introduction to game in through our most engaging and interactive online session.

In just 2 days, your children will be a certified coder! Woo hoo!


Date: 30th July 2022, Saturday.
  • Time: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
  • Fee: RM 50 for 1 participant or RM 90 for registration of 2 participants.


  1. Brings laptop or computer.
  2. Have a basic knowledge on using laptop/computer.
  3. Able to understand simple instructions in Malay and/or English.
  4. Independent and able to self-manage.

What your kids will learn:

  1. How to move a character using block code
  2. Basic x & y-axis to move characters
  3. Create mouse trail
  4. Create birthday card
  5. Create dance party
  6. A story animation with talking characters
  7. Create changing outfit game
  8. Create character animation & sound
  9. Create basic game


Alhamdulillah. Aiman nampak lebih berminat untuk explore tentang coding lepas sertai kelas ini. Penyampaian Cikgu Farah juga amat baik dan senang untuk difahami.
Encik Abdul Razak
Bagus ada program macam ini. Biar ada keyakinan diri sikit. selalu malu-malu nak buat presentation
Puan Hasni
Syaheerah suka sangat. Senang katanya. Mudah difahami. So far, anak saya memang suka, siap dia ajar adik dia macam mana nak buat
Puan Mahfuzah