We love learning! No, let us rephrase that. We are crazy about learning!
We love the idea of exploration and discovery, it amazes us. So we want to share this passion with everyone through Primaly.

We first started as a tuition centre back in 2010, naming ourselves Pusat Tuisyen Prima. We thought it was the only way to pursue this passion. We even spoke to some on the idea of establishing an after-school centre where children can learn many things (you know, like what Jack Black had in School of Rock?) but it wasn’t well accepted. They said we wouldn’t draw students as most people would only buy the idea of exam preparatory classes.

Dejected but still spirited, we proceeded to run as a non-conventional tuition centre, taking students to the jungle and concrete jungle, meeting people, baking and cooking and even doing charity projects.

Being a tuition centre means we are restrained to the idea of written exams, which is actually not bad but confining. So, 10 years into the business we decided that it was time that we took the leap of faith. We rebranded ourselves to Primaly as we have always wanted everyone to be able to learn about everything under the sun.

Meet The Team


Ms. Azura Hamzah


Ms. Aisyah Ma Hussin


Mr. Hanis

Technical Officer

Cikgu Syakir Azhari

Teacher & Content Creator

Cikgu Qam

Teacher & Content Creator

Ustaz Wafi

Teacher & Content Creator

Ms. Amalina

Teacher & Module Developer

Ms. Aniqah

Teacher & Module Developer

Cikgu Farah Hani

Teacher & Module Developer

Dr. Izreen

Teacher & Content Creator

Cikgu Fatin Bakri

Teacher & Content Creator

Ms. Nina

Teacher & Module Developer

Cikgu Zafeera

Teacher & Content Creator

Kak Lily

Customer Care Consultant

Join us for a better community?

We are looking for an active, energetic, full of fresh ideas, with interest to create a better community by lifelong learning 1 person 1 knowledge discipline at a time


Spacious & clean classroom

Child-safe / kid-sized furniture

TV and computers for multimedia purpose & interactive learning


Fully air-conditioned

Various range of learning aids

Mini laboratory

Mini laboratory